Developing communication tools and social networking which surrounded by large volumes of text and video content for people were the necessities of establishing Clipo project in winter 2015. Consequently, the creation of a database for quick and easy access through reliable Persian content that are categorized, were the primary goals of Clipo project.

Today, the wide verity of a different kind of video content available on the internet requires an innovative and easy use media platform, to select and provide the only videos that you wish to watch.

Due to the impact of Clipo’s visual media on society, Clipo was created as an application. It is an application that has a convenient environment for the Farsi speaking community to have first-hand access to relevant information, choosing from 12 categories and 20 channels, many of those being absolutely free of charge.

These videos are prepared from the most trusted global resources studio by the Clipo’s translation team in their own studio. Later, after translation with brilliant voices, they will be ready to publish. Clipo focuses on various areas such as education, art, humor & entertainment, morality & education, history & general information, and many more.


Clipo's Rising Reasons

- Report inappropriate content as well as the need to separate and collect appropriate and valuable content 
- Necessity of translation and dubbing valuable foreign contents
- Disorganized and messy content along with access difficulties to the same contents, and also the integrity of the contents
- Lack of access to previously viewed videos as well as the needs to solve the problem
- Lack of a pro-designed favorite option as well as the necessity of proper videos
- Increasing the minimalist culture as well as producing short and valuable content

  • More than 500,000 daily impression 
  • More than 2,000 minutes of clips are produced and uploaded every week
  • Exclusive videos are appropriated according to current events and holidays
  • Coverage live national and international sports events
  • Ability to watch videos offline
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