Help & Rescue


First Aid application - your one and only assistant in unexpected situations

"We hope where we can help save even one person"

This application is an educational assistance that tries to support and educate you the latest and most needed information in first aid and improves itself every day. This application is a user friendly, easy app. that helps you get the information you need, whenever you need it. .

Future Features:

o Identify rescue centers near the user using his geographical location,
o Identify the location of the incident and submit online consultation Injured people,
o send and receive calls for help in different ways.

  • The latest News of events and accidents, to prevent, and raise the awareness of society 
  • The ability of sorting video as user’s preference such as most viewed, most liked, etc.
  • Smart alert and suggestion of related videos and most viewed videos in the last 24 hours
  • The access to private and non-private hospitals and clinics due to the accident
  • The ability of making connection to hospitals and clinics