Owning a smart phone means never having to wonder who's winning the big game, Sports apps put the latest news, schedules, and statistics just a tap away, accompanied with pictures, Videos, podcasts and sometimes, even live-streamed video of the action.

The world of sports and football especially has so much popularity in our society and users spend many hours a day searching the web to find the latest news and best quality videos. Therefore, TGBS co. decided to launch the “Medal” project, hoping to provide the users with the best possible content available on various Medias.

Medal brings the latest sporting news worldwide. Whether you are looking for updated scoring information, breaking news for various teams and leagues, or professional analysis, the Medal app has got your back. Still this application is a lot more than just the news, since one of its main aims is to provide the users with the best quality videos, dubbed into Persian language and while the majority of its content is about football, more than 30 popular sports are also included.

  • More than 17,000 minutes of dubbed sport videos
  • Get all the latest results in world of football without running the application
  • The hugely popular Extreme Sports
  • Simple, efficient and Easy interface to use
  • Real-time coverage of all the latest news and hottest gossips
  • Producing exclusive videos for the major events in the world of sports
  • Covering up to thirty different popular sports including more recent ones like
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