Tanze Ashena


“Tanz Ashena” application continues cultural activities of Dr. Hossein Elahi Ghomshei known as Elahi Ghomshei, who is an Iranian professor, author and lecturer on literature, art and mysticism. He had been recognized the narrator of stories and anecdotes by an adorable and sweet speech. With this in mind, now we have decided to express those stories for the audiences with a new style.

TGBS could offer this valuable cultural production with the collaboration of highly talented multimedia solution team which including text, graphics, animations, audio and videos to convey information. As can be seen, Tanz Ashena is an animation-themed based on humor and literature, which is the first source of anecdotes and stories of humor and polite poetry against today's fake story. 

TGBS with accurate consideration at all stages has created Tanz Ashena in the field of arts & culture. As a result, it has the potential to evoke emotions and passions in any Iranian people with any taste. In fact, the most important reasons of creating Tanz Ashena was observing life from Elahi Ghomshei’s perspective.

As has been noted, introducing the classic Persian literature along with infinite pleasures were the most aims of Elahi Ghomshei’s struggle through the society all the time.

  • A unique and innovative application in Iranian art and culture using the latest technology
  • Dr. Elahi Ghomshei directly administrates on the application’s contents with accuracy, precision and Cultural consultation
  • Rich contents in classic and literary irony with modern methods
  • Exclusive animations curated by a team of directors, editors, graphic, animators and sound mixers
  • Promoting Iranian rich literature