2017 Jan 21
new version of

new version of "TOP" released

A new version of the hugely popular app “TOP” is released. According to public relation at Tadbir Gostaran& Pecco Company the new features of this version will make everyday money transfers and spending much easier, safer and even enjoyable!


What’s new on Top?

  • Buying internet packages easily
  • Congestion Charge payments
  • The ability to invite friends and earn points
  • Having the chance to win a brand new Porsche

With downloading this new version of Top all the users will get 500 special/extra points and will be included in the draw for a brand new Makan Porsche. There will also be monthly awards up to 100 million Tomans. The more you use the app the more you will have the chance to be one of our lucky winners. The first draw for these wonderful prizes will be held at the end of summer 1395. This mobile application is available for both android and IOS.

Some of Top’s best features are:

  •  The ability to see all the transactions
  • Checking telephone, electricity and cellphone bills
  • Paying phone bills and asking for new bills

This application is a wonderful tool for managing bills and bank cards. It also has a special menu for those who use bank card readers. Users can also play games, invite friends and get extra points which will increase their chances in the draw for a brand new Makan Porsche.

2016 Nov 29
A unique sports app is born!

A unique sports app is born!

Medal is a real-time sports news app, which delivers content and articles curated by the ‘Content Team’ instantly. Medal dubs different sports articles and latest news headlines into Farsi in an exclusive studio and shares videos in the app. Sports articles in this app are not only the very latest events and news in the country but also the most recent ones across the globe.

Medal has been a success During the Rio 2016 Olympics due to its accessibility, credibility and easy to use environment.



•Latest Sports news and gossips as well as animations and documentaries

•Producing sports videos dubbed into Farsi as well as events coverage with exclusive videos.

• Providing information about the latest events without the need to run the app.


How to use this app

First you have to download and install the app. Then you will be asked to enter your phone number and receive the activation code. Another way to use the app is to sign in as a guest.

At the very top of the first page you will see 6 categories as mentioned below:

  • Latest news
  • Iran’s Caravan
  • Latest results
  • Videos
  • Standing
  • (List of) sports
  • Under the categories there is an unending list of videos and news from the ‘latest news’ section.
  • In the ‘results’ category you can either enter an event date manually or see the latest results listed according to the date of the events.
  • In the ‘video’ category you can watch all the latest important events and in the standing category you will see each country’s position and its number of medals.
  • In the last category which is ‘sports’, a list of all the sports at the Olympics is provided so you can choose your favorite sport and follow its news, videos and pictures.
  • In the main menu of the application other options are also considerate such as creating an account, schedule, gallery, recommend to friends and about us. You can also recommend the app to friends via telegram, Bluetooth and email directly through the app.
  • The Medal app will need access to the followings:
  • Network connections
  • Internet accessibility
  • Mounting the external storage
  • Messages
  • Wi-Fi Connections
  • Memory card

In general, Medal has a simple and appealing design and its variety of sports photos and videos attract the users. In this app we have tried to produce brief and comprehensive news by indicating the exact time of publication as well as the news source. Medal is very useful during the significant sports events. For example, Rio 2016 Olympics is currently being covered in the app with the most recent and up-to-the-minute news.

2016 Sep 05
Draw 30.000$ in tehran pardisan park

Draw 30.000$ in tehran pardisan park

Young Journalists Club (YJC) Sports Section Reports:

Clipo Hold the Great Festival of Kites in Pardisan Park

Thousands of kite lovers took part in the festival in the presence of Clipo officials where other competitions such as darts, flying disks and acrobatics were also held.

There were also special educational and cultural competitions for with rewards for winners.

Top kite flyers who had fled their kites higher than others were rewarded by Clipo in the presence of one of the beloved guests of the festival and a celebrity of Iran’s cinema: Behnoush Bakhtiari.