The development of connection devices, social media and people’s involvement in a plenty of internet information and videos, made us decide to start a project named “Clipo” in winter of 1394.
Clipo is a visual media based on specialized personnel and trustable sources and produces new fun videos in different genres, mostly dubbed, and you can watch them of your PC, phone, or tablet.
New Clipo application has the ability of matching with the net speed, so that all the users can use this application.
Different clips in Clipo are categorized in diverse groups: science and technology, cars, education, health and medicine, fun, kids, life style, News, sports, film and music, culture and art, human and nature.
To make the application more user friendly, with made sub-groups for each group, so that the user can choose between 12 main a 40 sub-groups.
Clipo has prepared a nice environment for all users to spend a nice, fun time. Our focus is on producing the best and newest videos from all over the world. These videos are gathered from the best sites, and being translated and dubbed by Clipo’s special group of translators and voice actors. 
Why did we start Clipo?
- Lots of unhealthy and unethical stuff on the net and the need for a better resource for videos
- Producing contents that are useful and suitable for Iranian users
- The great need of translation of nice worthy videos
- scattering of the content and videos on the net an the great need of centralizing them
- Not being able to save the watched videos and the obligation to solve this problem
- No collection of specialized videos 
- The large need of short videos with the valuable content

  • The praised software by the Ministry of Culture
  • The best content producer of 1395
  • having the best specialized group of translators, editors, voice actors and compilation
  • With more than 20000 dubbed videos
  • A selection of best videos from international sites
  • The access to best educational sources in the world
  • The ability of sharing and downloading videos
  • Content provided for all ages
  • Ability to watch videos offline
  • Newest videos about occasions and News
  • Free videos and access to special ones for paying users
  • Easy access to the site and application
  • 24 hours technical support
  • Ability to like, share, comment, and tagging friends
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