IranApps is an international android market based in the Middle East with over 150,000 games and applications aims to bring the maximum joy into the android developers and the users who have android smartphones. Our services are unique with innovative payment method and easy to use development materials. Our reports indicate that we have over one million daily active users, so your applications will be installed on a large number of devices in our region.

As Google Play market had restricted its services for many countries in the region, and it is running with limited contents and services, we considered to be the top eco-system operating for Iran and the Middle East. Thereupon, by using our app store
you can expand your products to this country with over 500,000 android devices selling per week.

IranApps full wallet system is linked regional payment gateways not accessed by international payment services. According to the Iran’s ECM statics, in the second half of 2016, Iranian users had 126.89 million transactions on IPG. Also, as reported by the “Internet live stats” there are 39,149,103 internet users in Iran which constitutes 48.9% internet penetration in the country (80,043,146). As statics show a dramatic grow, it certainly allows us to add a large number of clients through global ecosystems to your app/game not previously reachable. 

Our solution has easy to use developer’s API with flexible in-app purchase mechanism enabling you to make more revenue.

Throughout years of experience in application and content development, we can help you translate and localize your contents while moderating and certifying, to ensure compliance with local regulations.

 IranApps unique features have turned this market to one of the best ecosystems in the Middle East that distribute android apps and games.

  • In-app payments will allow developers to sell digital content within their apps
  • High speed downloads
  • The only provider of applications and games for Multiple apk
  • Strategic partnership with leading international and national developers
  • Ability to search through the database software and games
  • Easy purchase of the local software by Iranian developers
  • Fast, smart, and constant apps update
  • Ability to create a download queue, download sequentially multiple files, pause, cancel, and resume downloads
  • View applications and games in various useful categories