The name chosen for the game, Quiz Bulb, suggests the importance of time factor in it. Having been developed by TGBS for some time, the game is in the final technical test stages for the final release, QuizBulb aims to create entertainment in an environment that promotes general knowledge and culture.

Quiz Bulb is actually a multiple-choice quiz game where you can compete with other users, too. The game UI is best suited to its users’ needs and the multiple-choice questions cover a wide range of general and specialized subjects some of which could turn into the ultimate challenge for you. QuizBulb winners are rewarded regularly as a measure to promote motivation in the game. As a user, you can select a subject category and start to compete with your friends or any random user to see how well you perform against them knowledgeably.

  • 20 content-based categories
  • Competition with friends
  • Pictorial questions
  • Daily, monthly, provincial and national leaderboards
  • Statistics on each category