desription of top project

Have you ever forget your wallet or bank card? Going to a store and find out you do not have enough money to pay for?! What could be your bank card replacement at this moment? Our recommendation is inside your mobile phone that hopefully, you have installed “Top” application earlier.

“Top” has an application environment based on the highest security standards that provides a safe place for payment services. This could be very useful for businesses and different variety of jobs including restaurants, corner shops, cash on delivery (particularly online shopping), bus driving organizations, etc.

Pecco’s portable payment application (top) is built and designed according to the market needs. Users can use all sorts of services such as mobile phone top-up, paying bills, balance inquiries, bill management, etc. All the related transactions are payable through internet or Pecco USSD codes.

  • Providing a safe sphere for financial transactions
  • Providing payments without bank card
  • Locating the nearest shops to the users
  • Online and Offline shopping
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