Digital Marketing

As to support our ongoing projects and to align our global campaigns with local focus, TGBS has implemented a full service digital marketing agency focused on creating dedicated multi-channel campaigns to meet the desired targets.

With a fully experienced team and a wide range of expertise and knowledge of different media and platforms, we aim to create targeted marketing strategies with focus on optimization towards each media channel. This happens through wide range of service offerings from SEM/SEO and digital campaign services all the way to multimedia content development and conventional channel marketing like OOH. However, through mastering the digital advertising medium relying on exclusive media buying tactics and partnership with top global agencies, we have access to targeted channels in each country and region fully capable of launching mass scale or specific targeted campaigns with high conversion rates.

With that in mind, TGBS will support you in every step of the way from identifying your target group and marketing strategy all the way to creative development, media optimization and execution allowing clients to focus on their core business and produce top-of-line products. The time for digital marketing is now and TGBS will support your transition into the new marketing mediums.

Client Benefits
  • Global Reach:   Access to global publishers and local strong mediums suitable for global campaigns
  • Trackable, measurable results:   Making it easy to evaluate and optimize campaigns through precise reporting platforms and analytics data
  • Cost-Effective:   Carefully planned and effectively targeted digital marketing campaign providing clients with desired ROI and conversions
  • Delivers conversions:   result driven focus on optimal conversation rates to get the most out of each media and resource
  • Interaction:   Developing and executing social media campaigns with special focus on content management to increase customer loyalty and engagement