Eco-System Management

How does a self-organizing IT system works?

The digital eco system is a collection/set of series that adjust the relationship through relevant people in a logical and permanent way. Based on the verity and number of people inside, digital eco system management requires complex administration.

In point of fact, digital ecosystem services were created for the customers after high-tech development of infrastructure and data integration. Consequently, TGBS with many successful experiences has done this matter towards ecosystem management.

IranApps as one example of ecosystem management that has been launched about three years ago by TGBS. Today, it considers one of the most successful Iranian markets. Large users base & Strategic global partnership, full-service developer’s panel with detailed sales & performance reports, are the most important features of IranApps ecosystem.

TGBS with relying upon its knowledge and experience in this area is highly capable of designing and producing in management platform ecosystem.

digital ecosystems management _description
Client Benefits
  • New revenue sources: Having a dynamic ecosystem is a new window/ is an approach to earn more income in different areas.
  • Detailed sales & Performance reports: One of the benefits that ecosystems provide easy payment terms on different platforms.
  • User-friendly environment: Modern approach to UI/UX design, easy to introduce products in the ecosystem, that increase the power of decision making for the user.  
  • Simple content management: You can easily manage your products and services.
  • Easy technical management: Producing unique ecosystems in a way that would make it as simple as possible for you.