Game Development

Mobile games now account for over 15% of total mobile usage and through a dedicated game studio with extensive mobile game development experience, TGBS has been able to launch various successful projects. Also, this knowledge has ensured that our projects all include the right amount of gamification and user engagement factors.

Consistence of professional artists, developers and experienced design specialists, TGBS Game Studios are made of enthusiastic young professionals eager to take on new challenges always on the cutting edge of the industry.

intended for release on Xbox and Play Station, This game is an upcoming ARPG game with some Roguelike elements packed with both magical and melee attacks to create a sequence of combos which lets you to brutally finishing your enemies. The game features a deep story about a secret guild of warriors and their tragic adventure wipe out the devil from their homeland.

With more than 30 professional employees and 4 years of experience in gaming industry, TGBS Game Studios is proud of its role as one of the strongest and most active game studios in the MENA region specialized in multi-platform development, game design and publishing game contents always working on the next hip style!

description of game studio
Client Benefits
  • Game Design: Define the features, game structure and required artwork
  • Game development: game story, technical test, and structural design to find the best technical solution for game mechanics
  • Gamification: produce a comprehensive plan over user-friendly design