Mobile App Development

As the world's technology future belongs to the mobile phones, by 2017, 25% of online transactions will be done on smartphones and tablets. TGBS as one of the leading companies in this field, by relying upon its valuable experience of cooperation with many reputable international companies, could generate numerous application with high penetration.

For over 6 years TGBS has been leading pioneer for mobile application development with multiple global partnerships and over 200 unique applications developed for over 5 smart platforms. Having the experience of various diverse mobile application projects, our team has become specialized in developing projects with high penetration rate which could bring millions of active users for your business platform. Samsung Electronics, Regional Banks and top global operators (MCI, MTN and many more) are only examples of numerous successful applications developer and launched by TGBS.

Deep understanding of smartphone technologies backed with years of experience in mobile application development has turned TGBS to the best choice for mobile development turning any impossible project to reality.

description of Development of Smartphone Applications
Client Benefits
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Improved client satisfaction rating
  • Best approach for increasing brand awareness
  • Market development through increased reach
  • Increase in sales by focusing on multiple channels